Below are general steps and stages involved in producing custom books. Please review and share with all who will be involved with the proposed project. Feel free to address any questions you may have to Sarah ( or 831-277-8668 direct). Thanks for your interest in working together to bring your vision to fruition.

Project Overview:

  • Discuss general parameters and goals for proposed project.
  • Identify the elements to be included by chapter, era, written, graphic & photo content
  • Identify key contacts for the book: writer, photographer, artists, historian,archivist, project manager, etc.
  • Touch on physical book materials and size
  • Generate quote/ estimate/ production timeline, establish cost & payment plan


  • Generate manuscript & provide to JDGE -preferably edited
  • If not edited, manuscript editing to occur
  • Final approval for text provided by client followed by text placement

Photography/ Commissioned art, Copy work

  • Create shot list for photographer(s) to work from, referencing manuscript where possible.
  • Verify that original documents are available to be photographed
  • With landscape photography, coordinate with superintendent staff to work around conditioning and maintenance that may be scheduled. Consider when the course is in prime condition and weather conditions are most favorable.
  • Contract with art(s) to create original work for inclusion


  • Based on the content, JDGE will generate design framework reflecting the elements of the book
  • Client to approve draft layout & provide feedback on specific design element to their liking and/ or identify additions or modifications that need to be incorporated
  • Design lock achieved (graphics, font, ratio of imagery to text, title page, dust Jacket, etc.)

Layout/ Chapter by Chapter

  • Working around the finalized text chapter by chapter, JDGE will craft design expansion to target page count-Step by step, with client approval, the chapters, segments & sidebars will be laid out

Printing & Bindery

  • Upon approval of digital layout, book block will be created for final approval of book content.
  • Dummy book will be created for approval of paper choice(s) and bindery materials
  • Upon approval of book block and book dummy, printing and bindery production will commence

Shipping original documents: please give special care to packing original materials, some which are irreplaceable, vintage, etc. JDGE is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping.
When organizing for photoshoot(s), it is most helpful to have shot lists, preferably those which correspond to manuscript with rough designation of where images will layout.
Timeline for completing books depends on a variety of factors. A year to 18 months turnaround is adequate for most projects. Given how many of the components are complete and well organized, the turnaround will vary.